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Wing Man | Hunting Shirts

Wingman hunting shirts were designed in the image of wingmen everywhere. Everybody needs a wingman. Literally speaking, every hunter needs a companion by their side. A wingman’s duty is to guide and protect. Hunting is a diverse sport in which the wingman must have precise training. Our wingman apparel promotes some of the most popular sport hunting such as duck and deer hunting.

hunting shirtsDrake nation promotes duck bands, duck calls, and a variety of popular hunted ducks such as mallards and pintail wood ducks. Mallards are the most commonly hunted duck in the south. Male mallards are more commonly hunted and characterized by their dark green head and white color.

As a child my daddy would have us on the lookout for the duck with the long tail; characterized by its chocolate head and white stripes. After killing a pintail wood duck, he would show us the discrete details of the duck. He explained to us that the males and females were of different color description and if we paid close attention to the detail we could distinguish the sex different while the bird was in flight. It is very important as a duck hunter to be knowledgeable about what is being hunted.

Duck bands are used to observe the ducks range, behavior, longevity, and migration patterns. My granddaddy would place duck bands on ducks and monitor them in their natural habitat. He would tell us to pay attention to the behavior of the ducks because every duck had their own personality. We found it funny that he would name the ducks and make up lifestyles for each of them. He would use duck calls to lure them in and watch their reaction to the different sounds he created. Early duck call tools were simple woodwind instruments while later they advanced to rubber and plastic. Later duck calls allow hunters to adjust the volume and tone of the call. My first duck call was all wood and taught me patience. Unlike the duck calls today, it took a certain movement to create the call needed to lure in ducks. My granddaddy was an expert at making different sounds, bringing in a variety of ducks.

Most duck hunters have a wingman to help them retrieve their kill such as a Labrador Retriever. I grew up with a yellow lab, her name was Dixie. Dixie lived to be fifteen years old. She was my partner in crime; if I went anywhere she was right beside me. I learned, early in life, the importance of having a wingman, and that is reflected in Wingman hunting shirts.

One of the first bucks I ever killed ran a few hundred yards after I shot him. Instead of spending hours looking for him in the dark, I went to get Dixie to track him down. I was happier than a tick on a bloodhound when she picked up the blood trace. A few minutes later she barked signaling she had found the buck. I ran ahead to catch up with her. Little to my surprise the buck I thought would have bled out by the time we found him had not. The buck stood and attempted to charge me.  I stood in complete fear until Dixie took him to the ground. Usually labs are not aggressive dogs; however, when it comes to their owner they tend to stand their ground. From that day forward I have always had a wingman by my side. We looked forward to early sunrises during deer season; it was the only time of the year we actually enjoyed getting up before sunrise. Wingman performance hunting shirts represent wingmen everywhere.