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A Southern Shirt Company…

The story of how George Wasden came to create the southern shirt company Duck Daddy is fascinating to say the least, and what he has accomplished since then is even more astounding.

In George’s younger years, he devoted most of his time to the land which is his passion. Hunting, fishing, and taking care of the land have always been a way of life for him. He grew up surrounded by a family with strong values and traditions in a place and time where you went to church every Sunday, you said yes ma’am and yes sir, and you said the blessing before every meal.

I’m going to use some Southern terminology here and tell you that George is what you’d call a redneck.

George Wasden had a dream and a vision to create a legacy for his two young sons. He decided he wanted to put his passions about nature, the land, and how he was raised into an art form that could be an expression of his way of life and something his boys could be proud of and carry on in the future. What better way then on tee shirts! Everybody wears tee shirts, especially in the South. Tee shirts to us are a way of expressing who we are and what we believe in!

George put an ad in the local newspaper looking for a tee shirt artist to help him start up a new southern shirt company. He had over 1,000 answers to that ad and looked at hundreds of artists’ designs.

The goal of Duck Daddy is to provide quality clothing at affordable prices for all people, to bless others as they have been blessed, and to glorify God in all things.

Matthew 18:20