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Our Promise

We treat our customers just like we would our family. We only sell shirts we are proud to see our family and friends wear, and we make sure they will last through the everyday wear and tear they're designed for. Our promise to you is a high quality product that combines style, comfort, and durability with a uniquely southern spin.

Duck Daddy Team

RITS | Southern Tees

“Raised in the Sticks”, or “RITS”, apparel is designed for those who are proud of where they come from. These are southern tees with a lot of pride. “Raised in the sticks”  refers to anyone who was raised in the country.  Being raised in the south we were taught to stand together and never forget where we came from. My granddaddy always said, “No matter where you go in life never forget where you came from because that is exactly what formed you to be who you are today”.

Southern TeesGrowing up, my brothers and I enjoyed hunting and fishing but we always had a little extra time to play. Our definition of play transformed from pushing toy trucks through mud puddles to driving our trucks through much larger mud holes. We were adrenaline junkies, so, needless to say; we were fearless. We were never too tired to miss a good ole mud bog whether it was someone else’s truck or one of our own. We always had our wingman along for the ride. Mama would be so mad when we came home covered in mud snout to tail. I’m sure every man who grew up in the south had experiences like these, and we intend to reflect that upbringing and way of life through this line of southern tees.

We grew an understanding of togetherness. We formed a brotherhood more secretive than the CIA; it was an unbreakable bond. Usually if one of us got into some type of trouble all three of us would be in trouble. Thankfully, the older we got the more wise we became. The southern tees in the RITS apparel line display that brotherhood; one that we are proud of.