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We treat our customers just like we would our family. We only sell shirts we are proud to see our family and friends wear, and we make sure they will last through the everyday wear and tear they're designed for. Our promise to you is a high quality product that combines style, comfort, and durability with a uniquely southern spin.

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Reel Man | Fishing Shirts

The Reel Man line of fishing shirts apparel came to be as a result of our passion for fishing. Being raised in the South
, fishing was always a sport that my daddy enjoyed, as well as his dad before him. He enjoyed fishing on the Ogeechee River so much that his daddy named him “Geech”. As a child, all of our family vacations centered around fishing. Some of my fondest memories are of us fishing in the St. Johns River where Daddy would take my brothers and me fishing for brim. We would fish for Blue Gill and Red Breast as big as my grandfather’s hand, especially during bedding season. Red Breast are characterized by their bright colored belly and spots. 

fishing shirtsWe also took trips to the smoky mountains to fish the streams of the Oconaluftee River. Daddy would always promise us a new Zebco reel. Zebco reels are known as “the reel that taught America to fish”. In my youth I started out with a spincast reel but as my technique improved I advanced to a triggerspin reel. All of this time spent outdoors doing what I loved is what first sparked my interest in creating high quality performance fishing shirts that dry quickly and protect skin from sun damage. It’s a way to make an honest living doing something that I truly love.

Fishing is a southern tradition that I am proud to pass along to my two sons. I enjoy knowing that they will inherit the techniques I learned as a child. I started my boys with the traditional spincast reel; allowing them to learn the basics of throwing the fishing line. We often visit places I fished as a child and I tell them stories of the “good ol’ days”. Fishing is a sport we all take part in as a family, so it’s a highly valued past time for me.

Over the years my fishing tastes have evolved. As I grew older I developed a love for offshore charter fishing. I currently enjoy taking my boys charter fishing with me because it gives them an advanced experience and great opportunity to learn new and different techniques. With my new PENN reel I can sport the coast for larger and more competitive fish.  PENN is known for their 75 years of experience in manufacturing tools and products for fisherman, and I trust their brand.

As my interest for off-shore fishing became more prominent, I gained knowledge about the different species and varieties we were fishing for. Some of my favorites include Red Snapper, Sailfish, Blue Marlin, and Sharks. Red Snapper are characterized by their vibrant, reddish color. Typically, these fish average anywhere from two to three feet long, and they can weigh up to twenty pounds. Sailfish are appropriately named, because they are characterized by their dorsal fin, which resembles a sail. This fin is nearly the length of their body and very prominent; it looks larger than the rest of the body. Sailfish are commonly known for a blue-grey scale color with white underbodies. Catching one of these magnificent creatures is always an accomplishment,  simply because they are much more difficult to reel in.

Unlike Sailfish, Marlin are characterized by their long body, understated dorsal fin, and spear-like bill. When we  charter-fish, we are always on the lookout for Blue Marlin. Blue Marlin a definitely considered trophy catches on the charter boat. These are the largest of the Marlin in the Atlantic. I can remember a few instances during our off-shore adventures that we came very close to reeling one in, and it always filled the air with excitement.

Finally, we come to everybody’s favorite; Sharks. Sharks are more commonly known creatures in the ocean.  Sharks are one of my favorite fish to catch purely because of the adrenaline rush that comes with reeling one in. My love for offshore fishing and catching impressive varieties of these fish led to many days on the water in the blistering sun. After recovering from multiple incidents of sunburn I decided to create a t-shirt line that would help protect fisherman like myself from damaging their skin.

The prevention of skin cancer due to sun exposure is a prominent reason we designed shirts with UV protection as well as dry wick shirts. Dry-wick fishing shirts keep your body cool, dry, and comfortable, enabling fishermen to stay cool during long fishing trips. Reel Man apparel line is ocean-approved and created in America by, and for, Americans. Reel Man fishing shirts vibrantly colored and designed for performance.