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We treat our customers just like we would our family. We only sell shirts we are proud to see our family and friends wear, and we make sure they will last through the everyday wear and tear they're designed for. Our promise to you is a high quality product that combines style, comfort, and durability with a uniquely southern spin.

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Hook and Horn | Southern T-Shirts

Hook and Horn apparel line promotes the right, as Americans, to bear arms. We designed the southern t-shirts in this line because we are proud of where we come from, and we want everyone to know it.

southern t-shirtsMy daddy raised us to be knowledgeable of guns for our safety. My first gun was a twenty two rifle. I was beyond ecstatic. My daddy explained to me that my rifle was for practice; he allowed me to kill rodents as practice for my first real kill.  It was not long after that I received a twenty gauge shotgun. This was my daddy’s way of informing me I was ready for my first real kill. As a child I often imagined the feeling I would get when I pulled the trigger and watched my deer hit the ground. It was exhilarating.

Hook and Horn promotes Benelli shotguns, and you can see their influence in the design of some of our southern t-shirts. Benelli shotguns are known for their implacable quality and craftsmanship design. In the world of deer hunting, buckshot is used in shotguns to kill larger trophy game. Buckshot comes in many different selections; the type of buckshot chosen is solely up the hunter’s preference. Trophy hunting was introduced to my brothers and I as a type of selective hunting in which we were taught to be patient and wait for the biggest kill. My daddy use to tell us if we killed a trophy buck we were allowed to have him mounted for keepsake. My daddy would mount the trophy buck from the shoulders up to show the build of the buck along with the massive antlers.

The goal to becoming a successful trophy hunter is to hunt and kill the oldest and most mature animal from a given population. Guided hunts are very popular in the trophy hunting world simply because the game is of a much larger selection. In the south it is more common for trophy hunters to hunt bucks. Growing up my daddy always reminded me patience is the key to trophy buck hunting. Obtaining the kill of a trophy buck requires time to allow the buck to mature. Every hunter has different qualifications for trophy bucks. As a child, my daddy classified a trophy buck as a buck with eight plus points and a minimal build of two hundred pounds.

Depending on the geographical area the size of the buck differs. In the south we raised our whitetail deer using feeders. Our feeders were bins with built-in timers we filled with deer feed that dispersed in particular amounts at certain times. Raising deer using this method kept them in a generalized geographical area. This allowed us to watch and monitor the deer growth process. It generally takes four to five years for a whitetail buck to mature.  A fully mature buck lives about eight to nine years.

After spending years watching bucks mature, it was easy to characterize mature bucks from immature bucks. Mature bucks have a more defined body. Muscle capacity, huff size, and antler size are all characteristics to monitor when managing bucks. The personality of a mature buck is prominently seen in the deer stand. Bucks will fight using their antlers to show dominance over one another. There is a distinct sound when bucks fight caused by their antlers clashing together. Trophy hunting consist of rubbing two antlers together to imitate buck fighting which attracts dominate bucks. Dominate bucks tend to be larger in size.

Hook and Horn apparel will represent southern hunting and gear. Our apparel will be of the finest quality made by and for Americans.“Don’t tread on me” – The Gadsden Flag is characterized by its bright yellow background with a rattlesnake in ready position to strike. Growing up we were taught to stand together. We may have raised a little hell with each other but at the end of the day we knew we were all each other had. Strong, American values are promoted in this line of our southern t-shirts.