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We treat our customers just like we would our family. We only sell shirts we are proud to see our family and friends wear, and we make sure they will last through the everyday wear and tear they're designed for. Our promise to you is a high quality product that combines style, comfort, and durability with a uniquely southern spin.

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Cotton Coast | Fishing T-Shirts

Cotton Coast apparel is created for those with a salty soul. Cotton Coast promotes saltwater fishing through our stylish fishing t-shirts. 

fishing t-shirtsA Hunting and Fishing license must be purchased. For the state of Georgia there are multiple types of Hunting and Fishing licenses that can be purchased depending on the type of hunting and fishing of interest. Saltwater fishing is a completely different sport than freshwater fishing. For those fishermen who prefer a bigger catch, saltwater fishing is for you. I remember my first offshore fishing adventure like it was yesterday; it’s the thrill of the catch that sparked my interest.

If you are an adrenaline junky, offshore fishing is definitely for you. Fishing offshore requires precise technique and the right equipment. Bait and tackle is one of the most important requirements when fishing offshore. Fishing lures, rods and reels, and live bait come in all varieties.  Fishing lure are types of artificial bait we used to draw fish to our fish line in hopes of reeling in the biggest catch of the day. Fishing lure attracts fish by its movement, the vibration it creates with every turn of the reel, and the flashy colors that brings curious fish in for the catch.  Many lures are equipped with one or more hooks that are used to catch fish when they strike the lure, enabling the fisherman to reel the fish in.

Growing up, we mostly used live bait, such as crickets, worms, and minnows. We rarely used live bait in saltwater fishing. My granddaddy used to say, “Behind every great fisherman is instrument technique and their rod & reel”. Rods and reels come in many different selections; it is mostly the fisherman’s choice as to which meets their preference. For generations, my family has passed down fishing techniques. I can hear my daddy saying, “It’s all in your wrist, son”. At the time I could not understand the importance of that phrase but I still enjoy watching the confusion on my son’s face when I tell him the same thing my daddy told me.  

When I was younger,  my fishing attire consisted of an old cotton t-shirt, a hole-y pair of shorts, and flip flops. We chose to promote cotton in our line of performance fishing t-shirts because it’s locally grown, and the south is known for the production of cotton. We’re proud to stick to our roots not only in the purpose of our clothing, but in the very fibers it’s made of.

For us, summertime was always considered the best time to go fishing. Every year we looked forward to vacationing on the coast during the heat of summer; but talk about tan lines! My mother would send us with bottles of coppertone sunscreen and threaten our lives if we did not use it. Of course we didn’t understand the importance of protecting our skin from UV exposure.

My granddaddy used to tell me it was sin to enjoy fishing and not love the taste of seafood. He did not have a preference on what kind of seafood it was, as long as it was fresh. Eating fresh seafood is a southern coast tradition. Long before my time, many generations ago, shrimp and grits became a vacation dinner tradition. Most of our vacations centered around a body of water, whether it was freshwater or saltwater.

Cotton Coast apparel was created by the images of my childhood with the intent to promote off shore fishing, eating, and southern living, all of which are reflected in our fishing t-shirts. This brand promotes summer, the coast, and everything I love and remember about taking those salty fishing vacations as a kid, and even now as an adult. These shirts will have you craving cool waves, hot beaches, and your old bait and tackle box.